for Water or Steam Systems
Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

Designed to fit into wall recesses and other enclosures, Radiant Radiators provide unique advantages over other radiator products. The unitized construction of the Radiant Radiator permits the free passage of air through built-in air channels. Cooler air is drawn into the bottom of the radiator, heated, then pushed out the top. The result is a radiator that provides not only radiant heat, but convected (hot air) heat as well! These radiators are designed to be recessed into walls or other enclosures, which enables them to provide heat without taking up floor space. Featuring rugged cast iron construction, Radiant Radiators also have the benefits of other U.S. Boiler cast iron radiators, including smooth and even heat distribution, superb heat retention, and very quiet operation.

  • Designed for recesses or enclosures
  • Sectional design 4 to 44 sections
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Provides radiant and convected heat
  • Superior heat retention, even heat distribution
  • Quiet operation